November 28, 2017

Consumer Guide on How to Buy Golf Trolleys

You will save a lot of energy by carrying your clubs in a golf trolley instead of transporting them on your back. Remember you still have a more important task ahead of hitting the shots and you will need this precious energy. Most young golf players now prefer to go for modern trolleys that have the energy saving option. Below is a buying guide that will help you with choosing the right golf trolleys.

  1. Understand the Various Types

There are two main types of trolleys which include the manual pull and push and the electric trolleys. Manually operated pull and push trolleys are lighter and inexpensive. The 2-wheel trolley is pulled from the back side.  The 3-wheel trolley is normally more stable and the user has to push it. The modern-day 3-wheel push trolleys are typically lighter than the 2-wheel pull ones. You can go for manual trolleys if you are looking for a cheap equipment that will give your excellent services.

Electronic trolleys will give you an energy-saving and easy means of electronically transporting your clubs. Check the battery power before buying this equipment because most batteries tend to cover one or two rounds only and you need to be sure of what you are buying. Also, confirm how quickly you can recharge the battery, its lifespan, and how long it will stay after a single charge. Electronic trolleys are more expensive than the manual ones but they are a good investment in the long run. They come with advanced features that will assist you to control the equipment with a lot of ease.

  1. Materials

Golf trolleys are manufactured from three main materials which include aluminum, titanium, and steel. The advantage of aluminum is that it has a lightweight construction. However, the soft finish in the metal may make it to dent with a lot of ease. All gold materials must have titanium to be complete. It has a lightweight but strong nature which makes it the best option for manufacturing trolleys. Steel is heavy, strong, and durable. However, it can assume a lightweight feature if the manufacturer mounts it very well on stable wheels.

Considerations before buying trolleys for your golf clubs

First, you must look at who much the trolley weighs. Try lifting up the equipment and make sure that you are comfortable with the weight. You also need to understand how you will be controlling the speed. However, this may not be an issue of concern with the manual push and pull trollies. Some electric models have buttons to use in pre-setting the power levels. Others come with a speed dial that grands you a progressive speed level that you can control with a lot of ease. You may also go for a remote-controlledmodel that allows you to set the trolley on the move. However, you must be willing to pay more for such trollies.

Other factors to consider include the ease of assembly, whether the trolley will fit in your car, the height of the handle, the lifespan and performance of the battery, and the additional accessories that come with this equipment. Make sure you are comfortable with what this equipment has to offer before you make a purchase.

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