June 19, 2017

Hold Your Builder Responsible for Any Defects in the New Building During the ‘Warranty Period

Any newly constructed building need to be tested for at least a period of one year so that it goes through various climatic changes of the year. It has been observed that normally during the months of winter and rainy season most of the construction defects of any newly constructed building is revealed. Since, your insurance cover does not take into account various construction defects, most of the builders offer very limited warranty in their sales contract.

Warranty for any newly constructed buildings is given in three different terms as follows:

  1. One year warranty

Under this warranty you will be compensated for any material or labor charges involved to rectify any construction related defects.

  1. Two-year warranty

Under this warranty term all the mechanical problems e.g. electrical wiring, plumbing, heating system, ventilation system and air conditioning defects will be taken care of.

  1. 10-year warranty

Under this term of warranty any structural defects will be taken care of.

However, the points to be noted here is that the tiles, paints, carpeting and roofing problems are not considered under warranty. Hence, before buying your new house these installations must be thoroughly checked.

Also, you need to read the warranty document very carefully. You must know, which problems are to be resolved by the builder and which are your own responsibilities. Following are few exclusions from the warranty.

  • Certain damage that is caused by your negligence like misuse, abuse or failure to maintain are not covered under warranty. Things like drain blockage, water heater draining, dealing with pests and failure to maintain adequate ventilation will be the responsibility of the house owner or the association.
  • Certain level of deterioration of the construction materials like shrinkages or changes due to weather, any natural disasters are not covered under warranty.
  • If any damage is caused due to riot or naturally are not covered.
  • If people hired by you cause any damage to the property, it will be your responsibility.
  • Any electrical or other home appliances provided by the builder are not covered as they have their own warranty.

You must get your house inspected before the warranty expires.

According to the well-known construction expert Rocco Basile, you must get your building properly inspected by any professional agencies as some of the defects are not so easy to detect. Their service charges are worth spending because if any defects are discovered then you can ask your builder to fix it before the warranty is over.

Some builders also offer their quality control expert to check the building during first year. However, it will be better for you to hire your own inspector to do this job for you to make sure about the observation of the builder’s quality experts. Look for any minor problem like cracked tile as that may also indicate some major problem.

In case, your inspector points out any defect then you are well within your right to ask the builder to rectify the problem. Most of the builders will take care of your problem immediately after receiving your phone call and if they are not serious about it then you can send them written notification.

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