May 25, 2017

Selectingthe Winning Pair of Goalkeeper Gloves

Goalkeepers occupy one of the most unique positions on the soccer field. Not only is their position a critical last line of defense again the opposing team, but unlike every other player on the field, using their hands is not just permissible, it is essential. As a result, a quality pair of gloves is an essential part of goalkeeping. Popular choices include the many models of Reusch soccer goalie gloves and Adidas goalkeeper gloves, both of which feature several different options for finger support, flexibility, and grip. Keeping these featuresin mind can help you pick the best pair for your goalkeeping needs.

Finger Protection

Spines in the fingers of goalie gloves offer durability and protection that may help prevent hand injuries in the case of driving shots or diving catches. While finger support can help develop the confidence of novice goalkeepers,this feature can also benefit more advanced orelite players whomay appreciate the added support and injury protectionoffered by spines. Some glove models have removable spines that can be taken out as desired or replaced when needed.Others, like certain Reusch soccer goalie gloves, have specially designed spines that offer protection for all five fingers.

Grip Material

The material on the palm of goalie gloves is important because it can help enhance the grip of the soccer ball.The silicon embossment on the palms of someReusch soccer goalie gloves can help promote a strong grip that may help goalies catch and hold onto hard shots. Another factor that makes grip material an important consideration is the impact this area of the glove will likely sustain when making hard catches, deflecting shots, or diving into contact with the ground or turf. The foam cushioning of some Adidas goalkeeper gloves can offer players enhanced comfort and protection in these situations.

Weather and Surface Conditions

Factors like weather and field surfaces can help determine how well a glove material performs, This makes the conditions of play an important factor to consider when trying to select the right pair. The latex used in certain types of Adidas goalkeeper gloves may be better suited for dry conditions, however the brand caries several models that alsoperform well under damper condition. In fact, depending on what type of foam or latex the glove incorporates, certain models may actual perform better when slightly damp.


Cost is a factor many goaliesmust consideras theyare looking to purchase a new pair of gloves. Quality gloves can be found at multiple price points and for a range of skill levels, so you one might be mistaken to assume that the most expensive gloves necessarily outperform those priced more affordably. The cost of gloves that incorporate technical materials and specific features may be higher thanothers,but it is important to keep in mind that some of these models may notbe the most appropriate for players of all levels.For new goalkeepers,an introductorypair of goalie gloves with finger support and extra padding may be more than sufficient.

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