July 26, 2017

Spoiler Alert: Microblading Is Not Scary

Collectively, people spend billions of dollars every year to improve their appearances. Individually, an average womanforks over about $15,000 per year on makeup alone. In recent years, savvy consumers have begun to look for longer-term solutions to boost their appearances. Microblading in New York is one such solution. Whether you have heard of the procedure or not, it sounds a bit scary. It isn’t. Here are some things you should know about the best micro blading in New York.

What Is It?

Simply put, microblading is a form of tattooing. Before you freak out, though, you should know that it isn’t much like conventional tattooing. In fact, the equipment is entirely different. Technicians don’t use a big, intimidating tattoo gun at all. Instead, they do their work with a small tool. Each one is enclosed in a sterile bag, likely helping to increase your confidence in the procedure. Similarly, the tool’s needle is small and sharp, virtually guaranteeing precise tattooing in your eyebrow area.

Does It Hurt?

Since microblading tattoos the skin, you might think it would be a painful process. Usually, however, it the pain is mild. That is, clients typically report feeling the same level of discomfort they associate with eyebrow waxing. Even better, follow-up appointments are usually less painful than initial ones. Nonetheless, the process does create a minor, scraping sound some clients find irritating. When they realize they have much better their eyebrows look after the procedure, though, most clients don’t mind the noise.

How Long Does It Last?

Unlike other types of tattoos, microblading in New York doesn’t last forever. On the contrary, for most patients, an eyebrow tattoo applied with a microblading technique lasts between 1 and 3 years. For clients who are not afraid of the pain but worry about lasting effects, that’s a major selling point. Even better, depending on your skin type, reapplication over an existing microblade usually takes well. As such, you can probably receive a uniform, pleasing look with routine appointments.

Does It Look Natural?

Another microblading concern for many clients is whether the process delivers a natural look. Nobody wants to look like he or she has tattooed eyebrows. Instead, clients want a regular, maintained aesthetic. Since microblading uses small strokes, it effectively mimics natural eyebrow texture and shape.

If you are looking for a quick, effective way to improve the look of your eyebrows, microblading in New York might be right for you. While the procedure is not scary, you might consider speaking with an experienced technician to explore your options.

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