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February 4, 2019

Top Things to do in London After Sunset

London is one of the most famous tourist destinations in UK. The city looks really amazing at night with lights everywhere. You will also find a lot of shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, pubs, resorts and tourist attractions here. London is also one of the most populous cities in UK with around 8 million people. The city attracts millions of tourists from different corners of the world. Some of the popular tourist attractions in London include –

  • Buckingham Palace – Buckingham Palace is a very famous attraction in London and it is the residence of Queen Elizabeth II. A lot of tourists and locals visit this palace to spend some good time. This is a good place for photography as well.
  • British Museum – This museum was established in the year 1753. You will be amazed to look at the collection here. It is also one of the largest museums in London. Take your children here and they will definitely be surprised to look at the collection in the museum.
  • Tower Bridge – The construction of this bridge was started in the year 1886 and it took around 8 years to complete it. This bridge is located very close to the tower of London. The bridge looks breathtakingly beautiful.
  • London Eye – This a large rotating wheel on the river Thames that looks captivating especially at night. The city view from this wheel looks amazing. This might be surprising but around 3.5 to 4 million people visit London to see this tourist attraction.
  • Westminster Abbey – This is one of the most popular religious buildings in London. Do visit this church with your family members when you visit London this time.

Things to experience in London at Night

  • Shopping – There are some places in London where shopping malls will be open until late at night. Hence, people who love late night shopping should definitely visit London. You will find most popular branded clothes here at a very attractive price here. Buy some accessories or clothes for your loved ones here to surprise them once you reach home.
  • Pubs – You will find the world’s best pubs here in London. Visit the pubs here with your friends one night and you will definitely love the experience. People love nightlife in London.
  • Movie Theatre – The movie theatres in London are also very famous across the world. Watch your favourite actor’s movie here with your loved ones to have loads of fun.
  • Restaurants – There are so many restaurants in London where you will get the world’s best food. In fact, from Italian to Chinese you will find all varieties of food here that too at a very attractive price. However, if you don’t have an idea about the restaurants here in London then it is better to consider a food tour.

If you are planning to visit London during your holidays this time then make sure that you book your flight tickets in advance. Most of the tourists visit London during summer and winter. Hence, the cost of flight tickets can be high during this period of time. In short, book the flight tickets during off season to save some money. is a great online site which you can use to compare the cost of hotel rooms, flight tickets and etc. No doubt, you can save your money by using this site. Visit to plan your London trip in the best possible way.

Enjoy your London trip by following the above suggestions! Plan your evening out in London perfectly and jump into the lively London nightlife!

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