March 1, 2017

Valuable FAQs Related To Changing and Cancellation of Theory Test

To become an independent driver, you need to have a valid license. For this you need to appear for the driving theory test. It is mandatory to take a practical driving test. This means to get a full valid license the first step is to appear for a theory test and after passing give practical test within two years or be prepared to reappear for the theory test again.

Who sets Theory test?

DVSA is a government body liable for driving education and DVLA is responsible to issue provisional and full valid driver’s license.

Booking for theory test

Theory test can be appeared at designated DVSA test centers located at many locations. Booking for the theory test needs to be done from DVSA official website or from the approved DVSA test centre’s (fee may be a little more).

What is needed for theory test booking?

To book theory test you will need to provide details related to your provisional license, chosen date & time, credit/debit card details, and email address. Make sure to give a valid email address because confirmation letter will be mailed here. The confirmation letter will include the details about the test centre, date, and time, similar to an examination slip.

Change theory test booking

Due to serious issues or obligations, you may need to move the theory test date earlier or later. It is possible, but only if there is an open slot. In this condition you have two options either change the test centre or book for a new test date.

(Note – Changes can be made only after the theory test booking is confirmed)

How to change theory test booking?

To change your test booking date, you will need –

  • Provisional license number
  • Notice needs to be given three consecutive days (working days) prior test date

(Note – If you fail to send the applicable notice then be prepared to lose the test fee)

How to cancel theory test booking?

Cancellation of theory test booking can be done only after it has been confirmed. You will need provisional driving license details and 3 successive working days notice

(Note – If you fail to provide the applicable notice then you will not be eligible for a refund.)

What happens if you arrive late at test centre?

Before the actual start of the test time, candidates are given 15 minutes time. If you arrive within this allocated time then only you will be allowed in the exam room.

(Note – Late arrivals are not allowed because other candidates get distracted and you also lose the test fee)

How difficult is theory test?

This question is tricky because the difficulty percentage will depend on how much time you committed in preparation and revision.

It even depends on the learning material quality you employed. Actually, the first part multiple-choice is a little easy, but the second part hazard perception is considered as more difficult. However, it is advisable to schedule time for studying theory and take mock test with confidence to get through with good grades, the very first time.

(Note – On average, approximately one out of three fail the theory test, so make sure to practice, practice and practice.)

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